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The coronavirus postponement might have been a blessing for Joelinton

Featured in Raumdeuter Issue 3 (07/06/2020)

Prior to the postponement of the season because of coronavirus Joelinton was undergoing a torrid time in front of goal at Newcastle but the enforced break from play might have worked in the Brazilian striker’s favour, with a time out of the spotlight, everyone returning to action in a largely equal state of rustiness and the opportunity for the big money signing to press the reset button on his underwhelming form.

Equally, there’s no guarantee the Brazilian won’t return just as inefficient in front of goal as before the break, but truthfully, he couldn’t come back much worse. Something had to change. And that’s not to bemoan the player’s ability because there is no question the former Hoffenheim star has bags of potential and talent, he’s just not quite managed to realise it yet under the immense weight of expectations which come with being Newcastle’s solitary number 9 up front.

Factors outside his control had conspired against him before the break as his fellow Magpies forwards continually dropping like flies and become mainstays of the treatment room. That left Joelinton with little option but to plough on through the rough patch of form, further shirking any glimmer of confidence the striker found in himself. It was getting to the point of crippling before the stoppage, with fan dissent beginning to grow among the terraces: the kind of thing that can become a nightmare for a relatively young talent like Joelinton, proving to be a confidence knock right at the beginning of the peak of their development which sees them never realise their true potential.

For Joelinton’s sake, hopefully that doesn’t end up being the case. Despite his struggles so far in black and white, the raw talent and potential the Brazilian has in his locker is there to be seen. Returning to action without fans to mither at his mistakes or that immediate reminder of the huge expectations of him whenever a chance goes astray, this could be his opportunity to prove himself at St. James’ Park.

The former Hoffenheim man has everything he needs to be a top talent, he just needs to find that run of form to take advantage of his raw ability.

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