Player Spotlight: Ben Foster

This article first featured in Edition #11 of the RMD magazine (March 7, 2020)

Ben Foster is an English goalkeeper who currently plays for Premier League side Watford, having been at the Hornets since his move in July 2018 from West Brom.

The 36-year-old goalkeeper, who has eight senior caps for England to his name, began his career playing for local club Racing Club Warwick, becoming the side’s first choice goalkeeper despite his young age, before being spotted by the scouting department at Stoke.

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Player Spotlight: Guillaume Khous

This article first featured in Edition #11 of the RMD magazine (March 7, 2020)

Guillaume Khous is a French-born Liechtenstein youth international who currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Bourg-Peronnas in the third tier of French football.

Born in Tremblay-en-France, a suburb in the north east of Paris, the 27-year-old began his career playing in the youth ranks of local side US Torcy. From there, Khous made his senior debut in the fourth tier National 2 with JA Drancy, playing just one league match before joining the reserve side of Lens, who played in the same division. Khous made 21 league appearances for Lens’ reserve team, before rejoining Drancy.

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Match Report: Southampton 0-1 Newcastle

This article first featured in Edition #11 of the RMD magazine (March 7, 2020)

Video assistant referee decisions have been the talking point all throughout the season, with supporters still regularly bemoaning the system but becoming increasingly accustomed to the new, strange era of football in which we inhabit. We’ve all now fully fallen into the grasps of Stockholm Syndrome with Stockley Park nowadays.

However, even by VAR standards, the omnipotent officials who monitor the video feeds were on a mission during Southampton’s Premier League clash with Newcastle. For a system usually criticised for being inconsistent in whether or not to penalise an incident, those in charge of the clash at St. Mary’s were determined not to fall into that category.

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Cover Feature: Banning pre-match handshakes is unhelpful

This article first featured in Edition #11 of the RMD magazine (March 7, 2020)

Coronavirus has set the world into panic stations, as the latest strain of a form of viruses which includes seasonal flu emerged in Wuhan, China and has since begun spreading globally. Still in the virus’ early stages, health officials around the world have rushed around to try and contain the virus, which increasingly looks set to become the newest name on the list of regular illnesses people must be careful about.

Much like seasonal flu, pneumonia (the very condition this latest coronavirus’ infection, Covid-19, presents patients with) it can be deadly, particularly to those with who are either elderly or suffering from underlying health conditions which may impact their immune system’s responses. However, it is worth understanding, despite the end-of-the-world rhetoric some sections of the media keep peddling, that this latest virus still has not proven itself as deadly as the aforementioned conditions like seasonal flu, which kill significantly more people each year than Covid-19 has done in the current outbreak, but which are now commonplace and so not treat with the same mass hysteria.

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